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Private Lessons

Private lessons can be an important aid to progressing in the circus arts. We are proud to offer a wide range of personalized instruction from our highly qualified instructors. Private lessons may be scheduled any time the studio is not in use. Please see the calendar on the classes page, for an up to date schedule. You may book a private lesson by using the email link below each teacher's description, or by calling 505.280.4002. 


Bernadette Gongora

Bernadette is a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, and aerial yoga instructor. Aerial yoga is a wonderful way to become familiar with the basics of an aerial hammock, while treating yourself to a relaxing sensory experience

PRIVATES OFFERED: Aerial yoga, yoga, massage


Celestina Mancha

Since discovering her love for the circus arts in India, Celestina has attended and graduated the Intensive Professional Training Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) and has performed at numerous festivals and venues around the world. 

PRIVATES OFFERED:  Trapeze, Fabric, Flexibility, Conditioning


Dara Minkin

Offering workshops that command a national following, Dara is known for her innovative aerial skills and her constant study of aerial fabric theory

PRIVATES OFFERED: Fabric, Rope, Performance Development, Conditioning



Gina has been studying movement for over 20 years, in such diverse backgrounds as gymnastics, dance, martial arts, and somatic techniques. Drawing from this wide array of styles, Gina teaches movement that is both aesthetically beautiful and designed for optimal physical health. 

PRIVATES OFFERED: Stilting, Acro-Stilt and Stilt Dance, Floor Barre, Capo-Contemporary Dance




Kristen believes that circus is an important resource for health, fun, community and creative expression. She believes that the art from is accessible to everyone and can enhance our lives in a profound way, both emotionally and physically. She loves having fun with her students and encourages everyone to try circus at least once!

PRIVATES OFFERED: Aerial Fabrics, Circus Activities for Groups, Improvisation, Holistic Circus Therapy, Conditioning


Sarah loves teaching both adults and children the power and fun of circus. She combines her experiences in theater, fitness, and art to create a class experience that is both physical and expressive. 

PRIVATES OFFERED: Fabric, Trapeze, Aerial Hoop,  Artistry and Improvisation, Act Development, Conditioning, Flexibility